Resenha do blog "Bounded By Metal"

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Based on "I Only Smile Behind the Mask", this Brazilian outfit indulges in fairly intriguing melodic/technical death/thrash with loads of catchy melodic hooks, some of which are simply addictive to listen to.

The shadow of later-period Death can definitely be felt, although this is mostly thrash with prorbably just the vocals belonging to the death metal camp, being mean-ish with a harsh semi-blacky blend.

The compositions are all elaborate listens with plenty of mood and tempo changes, several lyrical moments, and again numerous melodic lines which will never bore the fan, who shouldn't expect too much speed present, but mostly directed mid-paced meandering of the beautiful, dreamy variety.

The final "The Girl" is a cool progressive cut of the calmer, semi-balladic type, but overflows with emotion and atmosphere, and could be viewed the highlight on this really strong effort.

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